Bodog Deposit Method Feedback

Hey everyone, let us know if you have any feedback about our deposit methods or any changes that may have occurred. We’re always trying to improve our products and offer easier ways to deposit!

I was wondering why my credit card deposits just recently had a fee attached? I’ve never had any fees on credit card deposits before?

Welcome to the Forum @Coffeeplease. Our payments team do sometimes update accounts and add or alter deposit methods. Credit Cards are one method that does deal with financial institutions and so there can sometimes be fees attached from our end and there’s.

We recommend trying out some other methods that never have any fees attached like Crypto or Interac E Transfer. Both methods are just as fast as credit card deposits, come with no fees, and are guaranteed. Let us know if you need any help getting started!

I can’t believe that you have to wait for your withdrawal to be processed to make another deposit. I have been waiting for days… just ridiculous

We appreciate the feedback; however you may always reduce the withdrawal if wanting funds to use

I have been unable to make a deposit via etransfer for 2 days. Says to contact support.

@Datoga We’ll PM you shortly.

Hey, I’ve also been have the same issue can’t deposit with etransfer

@Veraaa Welcome to the Forum. We’ll Pm you as well.

Hey Ryan,

I made a few deposits recently and I’ve come across a similar issue. The deposit is being made in a different currency than my account. Thus, there’s an FX charge on the transaction.

For example, I tried to deposit CAD $500 into my account but it was technically drawn by Bodog as USD $383.80 which (after FX charges) comes to $514.64. So I’m basically out $14.64 on the transaction or 2.8%.

When did Bodog start pulling transactions in USD? I last made deposits in February and those were pulled in CAD so no FX charge was applied. Can you go back to pulling deposits in the same currency?

Note that we do provide payments in multiple currencies, not just Canadian as we have offices around the world.

So how do I ensure that Bodog charges my card in the currency that I want? Given that my account is denominated in CAD (and that withdrawals are also paid out in CAD) I presumed that you would charge my card in the same currency. That is how it has worked for the past couple of years but suddenly its stopped working that way. Are you saying that this change is not an error/bug but is instead the new normal?

I believe this has always been the case. I do not believe there is a way to request what type of payment is received unfortunately that I’m aware of.

Been waiting 4 hours for deposit to go threw

Can you clarify this @Calodgers? What type of deposit was it?

It was a deposit from my personal bank account to my bodog account it says pending

Can you send us screenshots of your bank account and the payment through PM please?

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Can’t deposit with interact or visa , bunch friends on site day same thing , getting dumb

Hi i made withdrawal 6 hours ago using interac and still not in my bank agents tells me in the chat that withdrawal using interac only takes 45-mins1hr but still nothing in my bank pls help me