Bodog Deposit Method Feedback

Note that while this is the time it takes to be sent, the approval process can take up to 24 hours. Also you can only send one per 7 days, so your current one will only be approved in around 7 hours or so.

hi i made withdrawal using interac last night 19hours ago and still i didnt receive my cash out can you help me pls

On review it seems I originally had the timeframe wrong by a day. Your last Interac withdrawal approved on the 14th at 10:10a ET. As you need to wait 7 days for another one, this one should process today at 10:10a ET.

I won’t let me deposit on e-transfer says contact support which I did and waited an hour to be told I was over my limit which I’m sure isn’t the case and now the interact option isn’t even showing up. I bet 1000/2000$ a day and not being able to put money on and getting no answers after waiting an hour is pretty bad it’s been like this since Saturday

can you provide below the screenshot you’re receiving when trying to deposit?

The e-transfer option isn’t even there anymore. Haven’t been able to use account for a week

yeah its a fn joke they took my Visa debit card away, my credit card away and my e transfer away havent been able to bet for two weeks, this is a fn brutal site.

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Yeah heres something, stop fn putting a stop on peoples deposit methods, maybe u wont lose so many customers, not everybody wants to use fn Bitcoin!

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Please be advised there are daily, weekly, and monthly limits on e transfers.
Once these are reached the method will not be available.

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Thats my whole point u should let people set their limits , not cut them off cause u feel like it, it should be their perogative, other betting sites let u set your limit, its a fn joke. U wanted feedback, well there u go.

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We don’t simply cut people off when we feel like it, there are set limits on transactions for accounts.
This would include an actually dollar amount, and also a transaction amount.
You will only be able to make a certain amount of transactions per day/week/month and also up to a certain limit.

Yeah and we have no idea what our limit is until u cut us off thats my whole point

I will send you a pm with your details

Send me a pm with my details as well, thanks

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Hi i make withdrawal earlier 8hours ago using interac and still not yet in my bank account pls help me jajc7pj5d reference of withdrawal

I have escalated this to the payments team to take a look at for you.

Hey am I allowed to use a pre paid credit card to deposit, …like a Visa gift card

You can certainly try them, but we do not guarantee card deposits of any kind due to bank restrictions.