Bodog Customer Appreciation Feedback

This is a rant. As a long time loyal customer of bodog I can’t say how disappointing this site is in how they show appreciation for customers. 5 years ago when I was new to the site every couple months I would get a little gift once in a while. There were promotions available that would match your deposit. The site made you feel appreciated. 4 years later I’m at a diamond ranking and have been loyal to this site as other sites became available in my area. But it’s got to a point where it’s been a year since I received any of those gifts that used to come. Over a year since I got a no deposit promotion. And when there was a site error on a deposit bonus and I never received it I bet the money I deposited. I was then told even though they recognize the error they couldn’t do more then offer a promotion that gave me 30 free spins if I made another deposit. Not even a 50% match like the one that didn’t work. I got just over 5 bucks from those spins. I talked to someone on the help chat and they told me that the gifts are random. Well if you just randomly give stuff out but long time loyal customers who spend a lot of money get nothing you should re think how you reward players. In a week on a different gaming site I have received more free bets and promotions then the last 12 months on bodog. This site is by far the worst when it comes to looking after its customers and offering any sort of free play once in a while. It’s embarrassing that I have stayed loyal to this site for as long as I have with all the better options out there


Hi @Birdman10,

We understand your frustration and would like you to know that we do value all of our customers. Our rewards program is something that is always growing, so we would like you to keep your eye out. You do have two bonuses on the account that are both above a 75% match.

If I use bitcoin. They shouldn’t be specific to crypto because you guys are a gambling site not a cryptocurrency site

I would like to highlight that we offer an array of promotions for cryptocurrency deposits, capitalizing on our reduced transaction costs when compared to traditional payment methods. By harnessing the power of cryptocurrency, we can extend these savings to our valued customers through exclusive and enticing promotions. Thank you for the feedback. We are anticipating further communication from you.

What a bunch of bung. Growing, guess my account was missed and loyalty is never taken into consideration. VIP weekly bonuses, another little gift, bonuses for site glitches, poooooof gone. I can drop a fair amount in 24-36 hours and can’t get a non deposit bonus, not even $10. Pathetic if you ask me. But they want you to refer a friend and check the forum for contests/bonuses. Hard to suggest a friend play here when my loyalty is worthless. Those multiple customer surveys that have come out the past year have FAILED to change anything. Original post here is 100% bang on.

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Yeah. It’s an absolute joke compared to every other reputable gambling site when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Not that anything we say will make a difference. They have made this extremely clear that gifts are random and promotions are only really available for crypto. It’s just time to realize we wasted a lot of time and money here and shouldn’t have been loyal

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What savings are you giving back. If you could read what we’re saying is that we don’t receive anything and that’s why loyal customers are leaving

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The savings I was referring to are the fees associated with using fiat methods of payment, which are not equivalent to the smaller fees that come with using cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that the current bonus offerings are not the final offers we will have, as we constantly strive to provide the best for our clients.

The reality is that in the thousands and thousands of dollars I have spent on this site I have not received more then 6 50% deposit bonuses in the last 12 months. Zero free gifts. If you guys are constantly working at bettering this look at the promotions every single other site offers and start there. Bodog is by far the worst and why my loyalty finally ran out and I had to switch

Another great example of the incredible customer service. Don’t match my deposit. Gives me 50 40 cent spins and say that the issue is resolved. You guys can’t honestly say you care about customers in any way if this is how you resolve an issue when the site made a error

Another day and another site error on a promotion where nothing can be done. I’m two days I’ll get an email saying I’ve used the funds I deposited so nothing can be done. Just gets worse and worse

Nothing comes as a surprise on here anymore. Maybe they will announce that forum contest winner by the 31st…thats the contest where the winner was supposed to be announced by the 21st​:rofl::rofl:

Apologies for the delay. @Maeve will be out for a while but I will have the winner selected shortly.

As a follow up after receiving that message over a week ago I still never received the promotion or received any further help or information. This is a constant issue and further proof that bodog doesn’t care about customer loyalty or fixing problems on the site

Still waiting for a response on this topic

And the problem with the crypto too is the say no fees but when tou buy from shake and send to blockchain you lose money every time and on top of that it gets held up sometimes. I had a pending transaction on blockchain for over 2 months and i had already received it on bodog so it was like the system glitched and generated to of the same deposits. Then i won 2500 and when i went to withdrawal it bodog wouldn’t let me cause of that pending transaction on blockchain. So i just wasted it cause the ppl at blockchain said "there was nothing they could do "and bodog just passed the buck and said pretty much too bad so i thought my account was pretty much useless. And because i like to play i was making large and stupid bets cause i was like well i wont be able to ever get the 2500. But maybe one day it will correct it self. And sure enough from July 31 to till late September early October i can’t quite remember the day it finally fixed and i threw it all away.