Can’t find my free spins

I redeemed 50 free spins but don’t remember the slots name how do you check what free spin bonuses you have?

Thank you:)

Welcome to the forum.
They are on 5 Times Vegas

Same to me please check

@KiepNguyen80 you have redeemed them already and they are pending waiting on your deposit.
They will become active when you deposit $25 or more, and do expire on March 8th.

Without deposit please

They are not available without deposit. You need to add $25 for them to activate.

So what can I get now without deposit please

Also my bonus after I completed my survey

This was handled via PM

I did the same thing, redeemed 50 spins and idk where. Pls advise.

@khaotik can you please advise what spins you are referring to?

How do i see which free spins i have waiting? I dont remember which ones they were either

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First off, welcome to the forum Jonbon! Nice to have you! :slight_smile:

If you have free spins waiting, go to the rewards section (click on the blank face on the top right of your screen, and under deposit you will see messages and under messages you will see rewards, click on that.

In the middle of the screen you’ll see a blue bar that will tell you how many reward points you have and how much cash you can convert them to.

In the top left corner of the blue bar you’ll see Rewards Store and Bonuses.

Click on bonuses, if you have free spins they will be there.

Also if you are browsing through the slots if you have active free spins the game you have them on should have a small red banner with FREE SPINS in white on the logo of the game.

Good luck!