Can't see etransfer icon

Hi all. Does anyone else not see the etransfer icon to be able to deposit by etransfer?? Also cannot chat with a live agent, it just times out.

I believe this was handled by CS

This site is truly a joke, without any explanation they cut off my debit and interact options which I have been using since i started this account. Ive spent 1000s of dollars and stayed loyal to this company through all their technical difficulties and their only explanation is our financial dept can change your deposit methods anytime. It truly is a fn joke how they treat their loyal customers. Not everybody wants to use b itcoin but they dont get that

payment methods among other things would indeed be discretionary. Accounts are also different in many ways, not all methods would apply to all players.

How hard is it to put my Interact deposit method back on my page so I can deposit? U guys have no explanation for taking it off my page, this is supposed to be one of the methods available for me when I signed up, it says it right under Financial methods. Its absolute joke the way u treat your customers who stay loyal to u and spend lots of money

Are you seeing interac as a deposit method when you open up your deposits?

No I havent seen it since Sunday afternoon

If you do not see it under the deposit section then unfortunately it is not a method that is available for you at this time.
The website does state:

NOTE: The listed deposit options aren’t available to all of our members, available methods depend on where you reside and travel.

Ive been using these methods since I started the account, why would u cut them off. Im not interested in using B itcoin

I really can’t answer this, but i will speak to the payments team to see if this is an error or it is actually intentional.

@robboo22 So as per the payments team, your monthly limit has been reached which is the reason for removal.

I was never told about any monthly limit did u guys just make this up?

Ive only deposited 600 this month are u seriously kidding me? u guys are a betting site how do u cut somebody off for only 600 dollars? complete joke

All accounts have a monthly limit.
Your account is limited to 15 transactions in a month, failed transactions or completed transactions count the same.

So u are saying I cant bet til November is what u are saying then?

You will not be able to use interac until the monthly limit resets which will be November 1st at 3am EST.
Although you can use an alternative deposit method

U guys cut off my TD Visa debit card, can I use a Visa gift card?

I’m not seeing you have a card option available.
Do you see it when you go to deposit?

There is still a Visa card option on my page

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