Deposited funds not showing on my account

I made a deposit via interac e-transfer but the funds are not appearing in my account. Everything went through fine (confirmed and got deposit confirmation email) and funds were subtracted from my bank. Usually funds would appear instantly on my account. Not this time, not sure what’s going on?

My bank said it has nothing to do with their end. And I was also unable to resolve it via chat here.


This is currently being looked into

Same thing happened to me as well. Still waiting for the issue to be resolved

We’re aware of the issue and working on resolving this as fast as possible.

Same thing here, its been over 12 hours and I keep getting the same BS answer from the help chat. And there is no notification when you deposit saying there is known issues with this method. I keep being told its an issue with interact but interact confirmed that there is no known issues on thier end.

CS created a ticket for you already and it was sent to the payments team to check.

I am having the same issue with 2 seperate e-transfers I made today.

is there an update on the issue? its still not refelctive in my account. I think the team should be more transparent regardging a solution to the issue.

This has since be resolved and all is working now!

Thank you CS team.

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