Does loyalty mean anything

Lots of surveys going around the past while. Guess they got sparkling reviews​:rofl::rofl:
Where I see it not much has changed. Weekly VIP bonuses come for a bit then disappear. Non deposit bonuses are almost impossible to get unless there are site glitches. Another little gift, whats that.

Feathers a little ruffled because I enquired to a agent last night who DID NOT give any kind of reply for OVER 15 minutes. Ridiculous.

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My sentiments exactly, and I don’t know about you but when you get emails titled: “Weekly bonus cash for VIPs” and you’re in one of the Diamond reward levels you’d think that sounds like a cashback or cash bonus, not a 50% deposit match, with a 35x WR to boot. I mean I don’t want to sound ungrateful because there’s nothing wrong with a 50% match bonus but it’s just the getting deceived part I do not like. And you’d think they would treat Diamond Reward Level members a bit better, because I’ll tell you I do not feel like a VIP at all, whatsoever, not even a little bit to be honest with ya. And it’s funny I’m signed up on a couple other sites that accept crypto, and most of them I have been with for a lot less longer than bodog and deposit there a lot less than I do at bodog and the bonuses and treatment in general is really a lot better than here…I don’t want to sound ungrateful at all, but I’m just saying how it is and how I see it. :confused:

Okay not going to lie that was pretty quick and I got to respect that.

Totally agree with you. I’m at black level and notice very little perks. Mainly play the racebook and there have been WAY too many glitches recently. Ridiculous how this exclusive VIP bonus comes and goes on a players account, no consistency. You could be down whatever in a day or 2 and CS couldn’t be bothered giving you a non deposit bonus. Kind of hard to recommend others to sign up when it’s like this. Their withdrawls are pretty quick, though. If they weren’t I probably would have left by now.


We do appreciate the loyalty of our clients and do try to show it the best way we can. Our Marketing Team will provide rewards from time to time to demonstrate our appreciation. The promotions we have are not final as we seek to continuously improve.

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I mean even free spins or tickets would go a long way too.

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Yes what about even birthday bonuses, every year but this one I’ve received a perk cash bonus or poker ticket! Not anymore…what happened

I have had 1 birthday bonus in 12 years :confused:

But credit where credit is due, I have seen, and do see them trying to pick up their game in this regard.

Just a little bit more consistency is something to strive for I’m thinking, (in my humble opinion and with all due respect of course).

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