Why is the “chat” customer service option no longer available?

Can any moderators or customer service reps tell me why the option to chat with an agent 24/7 is no longer available? Not only do I have an urgent reason to speak to an agent about my account, but that also happens to be the only realistic and efficient way for me to do so. I need to speak to an agent ASAP . It’s not an option for me to do so publicly on this topic without giving out my private account security information. What I need help with is not just a general question I just require help on adding something to my account .

Thank you .

try going to the deposit menu and see if the chat option is available for you there

edit: go to https://www.bodog.eu/account/cashier/deposit
under we <3 bitcoin it says ANY QUESTIONS? CHAT NOW

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Recently, the option to chat with an agent is only available at specific times. If you ever need assistance with anything that cannot be disclosed to the public, please feel free to PM moderators.